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Mid-Winter Crisis

On this beautiful, but freezing day in New York, I go back to remembering the warm days of Summer. Last year I took a trip to Montauk. If I had to sum it up in a few words, it would be one of those weekends that I will never forget. Those days were surrounded by the warmth of the people around me, just close group of friends and an empty beach that belong to us for the short period of time. The rays of the sun touching my skin in a way that feels warm on the inside, versus right now...

Is Pink the new BLACK?!

I live in New York, as any New Yorker, I loved color black from the day that I figured out that Juicy Couture tracksuits are not so cool. Typically, being a person who loves neutrals it is very rare for me to enjoy a bright colorful palette. However, lately I have been obsessing over different ranges of pale pinks. 

Looking at trend forecasts for this Spring, looks like it isn't just me who's got it all Legally Blonde? But seriously, is that dusty pale pink taking over and reversing all of us New Yorkers, who live and breathe color...

Greetings and Stars



  Hello everyone!

I am Sophie and I am a NY based jewelry designer. I am so happy to see that you made it to my website. I hope you love my pieces and enjoy wearing them as well. If you haven't ordered one yet, make sure you do because soon everyone will be wearing stars on stars on stars:)

In all seriousness, my jewelry is very wearable, friendly and doesn't bite, except the Lion Jaw and the Shark Jaw of course.